louis vuitton outlet Are ‘repacked’ airbags for rea

Are ‘repacked’ airbags for real

QI am involved in safety for the rural electric utilities throughout the state. As such, I spend a lot of time working on defensive driving and other vehicle related issues. Recently, an employee was involved in a serious accident while driving his own car. When this accident occurred, the air bags did not deploy. I found out that about a year previous, the driver had hit a deer and both louis vuitton outlet air bags did deploy. The air bags were ‘repacked.’ Is repacking air bags a legitimate way to restore their functionality? Is this done by specially trained personnel or mechanics? Is there somebody else who I should be asking about this?

A Unbelievable! It is not possible to ‘repack’ an air bag. Air bag modules are single use devices: Once deployed, the entire module must be professionally replaced. Remarkably, it is possible to purchase replacement vinyl ‘covers’ for air bags to what purpose I’m afraid to ask but it is not possible to restore the deployed air bag to functionality. More so, the air bag self test/warning system would have to be intentionally disabled to prevent the ‘AIRBAG’ warning light from illuminating as soon as the key is turned on. If the air bag were somehow repacked in a non functional state and the warning light were disabled so that the driver did not know the air bag was non functional, the implication is that there was an intent to deceive.

And that means it’s time to contact the attorney general’s office. In my opinion, a non functional air bag is a serious safety issue, and an effort to mask or hide this from the car owner is criminal.

QThe air conditioning in my 2001 Honda Civic always turns on when the defroster is turned on. Will operating the air conditioner when the outside temperature is minus 25 degrees cause excessive wear or damage to it?

AActually, I’m not sure the A/C syste louis vuitton outlet m would engage at minus 25 degrees. When ambient temperatures drop into that range, the refrigerant liquefies from a gas, and the system doesn’t develop normal pressures. In fact, this is the cause for ‘winter kill,’ where A/C systems lose a small amount of refrigerant because of seal leakage at extraordinarily low temperatures.

But operating the A/C system as a dehumidifier in the d louis vuitton outlet efrost mode won’t cause any more wear and tear to the compressor, engine or any other moving part on a cold winter start than it would at any other time of year. Plus, defrosting the windshield by removing moisture from the cabin area is a safety benefit.

The key point is to recognize that the A/C needs to operate on an extreme cold start to clear the windshield, so the issue of wear and tear is secondary to visibility while driving.

QI have a 1996 Ford F 150 4×4 with 5.0 liter engine and automatic transmission. I have constant vibration somewhere in the truck. It gets worse at a cruise speed of 40 to 45 miles per hour. It comes on hard at that speed for a few seconds, then goes back to a slight vibration. It stays as long as the truck is moving. I have replaced all the U joints, ball joints, fan clutch and fuel filter and had a tune up. I’ve had a front end alignment, tires balanced and rotated. I’ve checked with a few mechanics at the trucking outfit we work for and now I’m at wits’ end. I don’t know if I should look at the tranny. Any help would be much appreciated.

AI’d stay focused on driveshafts for the moment. My ALLDATA pulled up Ford TSB No. 97 13 22, which deals with a new style double U joint front driveshaft to eliminate a highway speed vibration when driving in 2WD with the front hubs locked. The bulletin also describes checking driveshaft balance with a simple test using a hose clamp on the shaft to alter its balance I’ve done this before myself. The bulletin also describes checking both driveshafts for proper alignment and run out, either of which could create the type of vibration you’re describing.

Many dealerships and independent shops have electronic vibration analyzers, which can help pinpoint hard to find vibrations. You also could remove both driveshafts after marking their orientation and have a driveshaft shop rebalance them.

Could it be the transmission? Try operating at the same road speed with the transmission locked out of overdrive. Is the vibration still there? Try pushing the brake pedal down half an inch or so while experiencing the vibration at constant road speed. This will disengage the torque converter clutch did it stop the vibration?

If all e louis vuitton outlet lse fails, stop by a transmission shop, and have a diagnostician take a test ride with you to help identify the vibration.