louis vuitton outlet Are grocery stores required to

Are grocery stores required to accept plastic bags for recycling

Q Are grocery stores required to accept plastic bags for recycling?

I tried to find a definitive answer on San Jose’s website but couldn’t.

The Midtown Safeway on West San Carlos Street had recycle bins at the entrance in January when the plastic bag ban went into effect, but haven’t had them recently.

Mike Tierney

San Jose

A I checked with the city, Mike. Spokeswoman Jennifer Garnett emailed me: “There is a state law that requires large grocery stores and pharmacies to accept plastic bags for recycling at their stores.

“It is a six year pilot that began in 2007 and is scheduled to sunset on Jan. 1, 2013.

“However, Sen. Wolk is proposing a new bill (SB 12 louis vuitton louis vuitton outlet outlet 19) that would continue the plastic b louis vuitton outlet ag recycling portion of AB 2449.

“We spoke to a manager at the Midtown Safeway yesterday afternoon who informed us that, unfortunately, their bins for collecting plastic bags were recent louis vuitton outlet ly stolen and they are working on replacing them.

“We strongly encourage consumers to switch to reusable bags and recycle any unwanted, clean plastic bags at their local grocery stores, especially since we are no longer accepting them in San Jose’s residential recycling carts.”

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