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Are Becoming a Real

Cartman’s Cheesy Poofs are here.

Comedy Central is commemorating South Park’s 15th season by making Cartman’s beloved Cheesy Poofs a real product in preparation for a finger lickin’ South Park marathon. The current season will resume October 15 after a summer hiatus.

The network is pulling out a louis vuitton outlet ll of the stops for the anniversary: they’ll be building a replica of the South Park school cafeteria at this year’s louis vuitton outlet San Diego Comic Con, in addition to producing a behind the scenes documentary later this fall.

But it probably doesn’t compare to fake cheese. In a deal with Frito Lay, Comedy Central will be releasing 1.5 million bags of Cheesy Poofs out into the wild. Each bag, weighing in at 2.375 ounces, will be yours truly just for $2.99 at your nearest Wal Mart. And guess what? They’re available next month.

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I not sure how they’ll taste, but I have a sneaking suspicion if you can’t nab one of these bags, you can probably walk down the aisle louis vuitton outlet for five seconds and louis vuitton outlet pick up some Cheetos. Yellow gooey finger mess included.