louis vuitton outlet Are airbags safe or dangerous

Are airbags safe or dangerous in case of accident

fatality risk of car passengers age 13 and older by a statisticallyTaken from here, which reports the NHTSA as its source for these c louis vuitton outlet laims, though I found the NHTSA site a bit difficult to navigate to find anything like this. louis vuitton outlet

I would assume that these numbers have gotten better in recent years simply due to better airbag technology (like cars that automatically disable airbags based on weight) and awareness of proper usage and pre louis vuitton outlet cautions.

USA airbags have had to be designed to protect both the belted and unbelted occupant. To achieve this, airbags inflate rapidly (50 ms) under high pressure to a volume of 70 litres. In contrast, UK (and Western European) fitted airbags are only designed to protect a belted occupant and inflate to 30 litres within the same time. This i louis vuitton outlet s in part attributable to seat belt use in the UK and Europe, which is estimated at 88% 91% (dependent on sex and age, R Cuerden, et al, IRCOBI Conference, 2001).