louis vuitton outlet Are airbags in cars good or ba

Are airbags in cars good or bad

On One Hand: Air Bags Save LivesAir bags are inflating cushions that redistribute forces in a car crash, protecting drivers and passengers. Without air bags, the force from a collision can cause people to collide louis vuitton outlet with the steering wh louis vuitton outlet eel, dashboard or windshield in a car, and sustain serious or fatal injuries.

On the Other: Air Bags louis vuitton outlet Can be DangerousAir bags are unsafe for children under 12 because their muscles are weaker, preventing them from staying upright during a crash; this brings them into close contact with airbags deploying at high speeds. In addition, short and elderly drivers, who sit closer to the steering wheel, may be too close to the air bag for safety. People without seat belts are at a high risk for air bag injuries.

Bottom LineAir bags are vital for protecting drivers and passengers in vehicle collisions. However, they only work if you use them safely. Always wear your seat belts and place louis vuitton outlet children (especially infants in rear facing seats) in the back seat of the car.