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Arctic sea ice set to hit record low within days

We reported last week that the Arctic sea ice is melting more than any previous year on record. September 2007 currently holds the record for the lowest extent of Arctic sea ice, at least since satellite records began in 1979, and probably before. The melt made headlines that year, as it opened the fabled Northwest Passage which runs north of Canada and Alaska. Researchers blamed a combination of long term climate change and unusual weather patterns.

2007 has become the benchmark for low Arctic ice cover, until now. Ice extent is currently smaller than it was in late August 2007. Based on the latest data from the US National Snow Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, it could shrink below the 2007 minimum within days. There’s another few weeks to go before the annual summer minimum is reached and cooling autumn temperatures allow the ice cap to grow back for the winter.

It is not just sea ice extent and area that are at record lows, but sea ice volume, which takes into account the overall thickness of ice. Recent studies have shown that the ice that remains even after the summer melt is much thinner than in the past, and thus is subject to more rapid melting and to being pushed around by winds that can actually push it right out of the Arctic through the Fram Strait, near Northeast Greenland.

The Arctic is of course the real bellweather of early signs of global warming and what humans are doing to the planet.

Nothing to see here people. Move along now. Come on. Move along. Just another conspiracy theory.

I would ask J Martin to cite a credible reference for the assertion “Worldwide ice has increased”. If you can’t, can you post a supplementary entry apologizing to the readers. And those particularly strong winds you allege, again without citation, where does the extra energy come from to generate those stronger winds.

And finally, what you say is true about the Arctic being ice free in the past and it will be in the future. A common post from deniers, that is, natural variation. But when I ask the denier how to explain the increase in the rate of record breaking weather events, faster than anytime in recorded natural history, they have no “natural” explanation, as the only explanation that fits the data is human generated CO2 greenhouse warming. Please re read my first paragraph now.

Oh Chicken Little. What an embarrassing mistake you have published. Good thing you didn’t use your real name.

Your homework is to compare the rate of change of global average temperature during the recession of the last ice age, with the rate of change of average global temperature in the louis vuitton outlet last two hundred years. Now research e louis vuitton outlet very warming period on record and graph the rate of temperature rise and compare it to the last two hundred years.

What have you noticed? Your reading New Scientist, a scientific magazine, you must have some understanding of science. The results aren’t hard to interpret. You don’t even have to be a climatologist. Every common man can see that the rate of change in global average temperature over the last 200 years has far exceeded any natural variation, which is the assertion in you post. So what has happened in the last two hundred years that is different to the rest of history. (you can phone a friend) Don’t believe me. A good scientist will validate the data for himself. And when you have done the above research, I welcome you back on here to post something accurate.

As a teen, and then raising a kid, we had our own glacier on the eastern boundary of Yosemite Park. Starting in the late 1960’s, we took annual backpacking expeditions to the area, and made day hikes up to the glacier. I’d been there earlier, but my son’s first visit was when he was seven. I have pictures. A few years later, we began to find debris and things dropped by earlier visitors. We found a 1950’s Kodak camera. There are steel plate engravings documenting the glacier in the 1880’s.

The last time I visited was 2008. I took a photo from the same vantage point as depicted by the 1880’s engraving. That glacier is now less than 1/3 of its size. I will be taking my grandson up there soon. It is likely that my great grandson will never see that glacier because it will be gone.

I’ve begun to believe that we homo sapiens made a great mistake about the time when we created massive agrarian societies, and gave up our hunter/gatherer ways. That is when we shifted our balance with our earth. At this point we have blown it completely.

My five year old grandson knows the native plants that he can eat. He knows how to set and control a camp fire, make tea, etc. He was born to this stuff. As a grand dad, I am working on making acorns into food. Preserving food. Making vinegar. Raising chickens. My life’s goal is to be a human being, and raising another human being. A person that can walk on the earth and take care of his or her self.

It seems that Global Warming is warming the tempers of its proponents to the point that they are starting to appear a little flustered. Derogatory comments towards dissenters and demanding evidence when little has been presented other than sentences supporting their viewpoints from what they would consider “trustworthy” source. There is no such thing as a trustworthy source. and there is no hard data presented here. So move along with your man made belief structures and learn to live a little. At the rate we are spending we will all be broke by the time the fit louis vuitton outlet hits the shan anyways.

“Recent science has discovered the fires in Australia were started by people 30,000 years ago and over time with continual burning they changed the ecology pyrogenic shift occurred where the species of trees altered and the unique mega fauna of the continent died out without question the landscape altered proof of people induced climate change.” Lloyd Godman

I’m sorry but you’re 30,000 years too late to help those people.

Unless they could prove anthropogenic origin of a fire at the time they would have had no reason to avoid it. Thus they burned to death.

If you would pay more attention to fair and balanced sources like Fox News instead falling hook, line and sinker for the self serving rants of scientists out to enrich themselves with research grants you would have a better grasp of reality.

When an ice cube is placed into a cup of water, it melts slowly. As the ice grows smaller its rate of melt is more rapid. A surface area to mass ratio issue. 10,000 years ago (give or take), there was an ice age and then warming started. We are at the end of that particular cycle as the ice surface area to mass ratio is increased so the ice WILL melt faster no matter what. That being said, humans are nothing more than a parasite on the earth and will die off eventually. Just look at the fossils from eons ago parasites, and now gone. The earth takes care of itself and will go on to its next human free cycle.

Oh Karl. What an own goal. Consider this. You have a serious medical condition. It is life threatening. The evidence is that 97.3% of research says that this particularly treatment will cure you forever. Now would you be a smart person to follow that line of treatment, or what type of person would you be if you chose to follow the advice of the 2.7%, who aren’t specialists in your disease field. This is what you are arguing in your post. And you cite “Fox News” as your 2.7%!!!

97.3% of credible science confirms global warming. You’re backing the 2.7%. And your reason. It’s some sort of conspiracy to obtain grant money.

Karl. Spend about 30 seconds considering this, because that is all it takes to for you to realize you are wrong. You consider Fox News to be a reliable source of scientific opinion. Fox News, part of News Corporation has an ideology passed down from it’s owner. So you are relying on an ideology, not evidence. Now this is the important part. Re read the example above on your health issue. Do you get it now. I’ louis vuitton outlet ll spell it out. An ideology is an argument in the absence of evidence.

Just spent the summer in Anchorage. this was my 7th trip in 20 years. Took the 26 glacier tour in the Prince William Sound. 14 of the 26 glaciers are bigger then anytime in the past 85 years. Enough of the lies. I have seen the truth for myself and will go up there again next summer in June. Nothing like 20 hours of sunshine and watching the Midnight Softball league get off to a great start in Anchorage. Didn’t care too much for the Moose that chased us in hte middle of town. That was kind of different. Anyways, there’s your eyewitness report. Ice pack is not melted up there and it’s August. It is getting old.

Jaspen40. You’ve made a very common mistake. You’ve confused weather with climate. Small localized events that are out of step with published long term climate trends. Seized upon by deniers. “See, you’re all wrong because in my local area, everything is fine.” “we just saw with are own eyes”

A lot of scientific factors affect how glaciers advance and retract. Local conditions. A warmer slushier glacier will advance more than usual and may explain what you are seeing. Your beautiful glaciers, which on your description I must go and see, may well be in great shape, but its a sad fact that world wide, their decline is in sync with the predictions of man made global warming. The hottest year in America is a weather report. To be properly informed on long term global warming (Climate Change to the deniers) it is a summary of the examination of weather over very long periods of time. And sadly Jaspen40, that’s not in doubt. 97.3% of credible science says were are altering the climate faster than any recorded natural event. If I gave you a tip on a horse with 97.3% odds of winning, you’d put your life savings on it. Well you’re betting your grand children’s lives on a 2.7% probability of success. So enjoy the Glaciers while they last.

The often quoted most or 97% of scientists figure is in fact just 75 scientists out of 77. The views of the remaining 10,180 scientists in the survey were discarded.