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Arctic Rose rising

Federal fishery regulators are besieged with lawsuits we know of three from fishing companies challenging a series of new rules on reducing waste and dividing the catch of Alaska fish such as cod and sole.

The Highliner won’t d louis vuitton outlet rag you through the details of all the suits, which are no doubt very fine fishing indeed for a lot louis vuitton outlet of lawyers.

You might, however, be interested to learn one of the cases centers on a boat called the Arctic Rose, which sadly rests today on the bottom of the Bering Sea. The trawler sank in 2001, taking all 15 crewmen with her.

Other fishing compan louis vuitton outlet ies pressing lawsuits of one sort or another against the government, for one reason or another, i louis vuitton outlet nclude Fishermen’s Finest Inc. and Fishing Company of Alaska Inc., both based in Seattle.

All the fishing companies are part of what’s known as the head and gut trawl fleet. Their boats are like small, floating factories with crews that process and freeze the catch.