louis vuitton outlet Archives of Disease in Childho

Archives of Disease in Childhood

ICN performed the statistical analysis. Some studies have

shown that an individual with back pain in adolescence is more likely to develop low back pain in adult life or that heavy

backpacks can cause neck, shoulders and back muscular problems, such as scoliosis.2 ,3 Experts recommend that school children should not carry louis vuitton outlet loads exceeding 10% of their body weight.4

The objective of this study is to analyse the influence of backpack weight on back pain and back pathologies.

School louis vuitton outlet children were weighed twice on digital scales with an integrated height metre (SECA 764, Spain); the first time without

overcoats and objects posing an extra weight (such as mobile phones, keys, coins) but with the backpack they were carrying

that day and the second time without the backpack. Height was obtained placing children’s backs against the height metre with

joint heels.

School children’s parents or legal tutors fulfilled a questionnaire on their children’s lifestyle with special emphasis on

frequency of sports activities (at louis vuitton outlet school) and duration of sedentary activities performed at home. Presence of a lesion or

pathology previously diagnosed by a physician (such as scoliosis, kyphosis) and presence of back pa louis vuitton outlet in for more than 15 days

in the previous year were also ascertained.

We compared the characteristics of initially included school children with those finally analysed. Two logistic multivariate

models were used, having each one as the main dependent variable the presence or absence of pain during more than 15 days

in the previous year and the presence or absence of back pathology. In both models, the main independent variable was the

school bag weight classified in quartiles. Adjustment variables were gender, age (continuum), body mass index (quartiles)

and sport activities (yes/no). Results were obtained with Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, v17.0 (SPSS). The Burela

Hospital Ethics Committee approved the study protocol.

The sample initially included 2135 school children and 1403 (65.7%) were analysed. There were no differences between analysed

and excluded school children. The mean age of participants was 14 years and 92.2% used a backpack with two shoulder straps.

Mean school bag weight was nearly 7 kg. In all, 61.4% of participants carried school bags exceeding 10% of their body weight

and 18.1% exceeded the 15% of their body weight; 25.9% reported to have had back pain for more than 15 days in the previous