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Aveda, maker of hair care and beauty products, will reinstitute their plastic bottle cap recycle pro louis vuitton outlet gram from earlier this year to collect bottle caps nationwide and recycle them into new stuff.

The company Recycle Caps with Aveda program will collect caps through Aveda stores.

Want to participate? There are Aveda stores at the Glendale Gal louis vuitton outlet leria, Hollywood and Highland and the Beverly Center.

If you just want to mail your caps, send them to

ACA Waste Service

40 Eads St

West Babylon, NY 11704

OK, so I listening to the radio today I still listen to the radio I hear this bizarre, sick ad urging Californians to demand that their representatives oppose AB 2058, the state bill that would require consumers to pay 25 cents for each biodegradable plastic bags they get at the grocery store.

The ad uses the big, scary, red button pushing word The T word. The word incites fear, loathing and anger is perfect for scaring listeners into mindless action. Which is exactly what the sponsors are hoping will happen when they direct listeners to a specific website in order to air their grievances.

Oh and FYI, the ad is sponsored by the (the folks who produce plastic bags) and The California Film Extruders and

Converters Association (the professional organization that represents folks who manufacture and supply plastic). Hmmm sure there no ulterior motive there.

Let me make this clear: th louis vuitton outlet is ad and it accompanying website are pure, unadulterated propaganda.

AB 2058 does not propose a bag tax, it proposes a voluntary fee. You will have to pay a fee for every plastic bag you CHOOSE to take from the grocery store. I liken this bag to the tax on cigarettes. And before you get all nuts, hear me out: a tax on cigarettes is a completely voluntary fee imposed on a product one buys by choice that is harmful to you and to the environment.

Don want to pay the tax, don buy cigarettes. Don want to buy plastic bags, then don Put your groceries in paper, canvas or your pockets. This is not like a tax on gas or food, or something we all have no choice in buying. This is a penalty for lazy consumers.

And don get all the government trying to keep us down, man on me. Since when do we a Americans have the inalienable right to free grocery bags. Grow up.

Charging for plastic bags works in it efforts to reduce toxic plastic whenever it has been instituted on a large scale. Don believe me, ask TREEHUGGER. ( so bad about plastic? you ask start HERE.)

For the record, here who supports AB 2058:

Californians Against Waste (Sponsor)

County of Los Angeles (Sponsor)

Sierra ClubHeal the BayI always try to buy paper goods that are made from post consumer recycled paper. You can find it around if you look, it getting a little easier lately. But I heard about something today that intrigues me to no end.

I just have to share it with you. Tree free notebooks and paper. What? Apparently the paper is made from tropical fibers in Costa Rica. Harvest Collection notebooks can be purchased online and at Whole Foods.

If you go to the online store you can also buy this stuff i louis vuitton outlet n reams for your printer.

So let say for instance we are talking about the Banana Paper. When they harvest bananas there are stems at the top called pinzotes. A huge amount of these stems are put either in rivers or in landfills. They don decompose well because the are very fibrous. A company named EcoPaper takes that fiber and via a bunch of complicated process that I really don understand. Viola Paper!! If you want to

check out all the different paper goods made by EcoPaper and read a whole bunch about how his stuff is made and the fact that it all done under fair trade conditions.