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Archived events

17th November 2011 (12.30 2pm) Learning to learn in louis vuitton outlet an uncertain world Systemic learning, pedagogy, sustainability and the role of higher education Professor Richard Bawden, adjunct professor at Michigan State University, visiting professor at the Open University, Director of the Systemic Development Institute (SDI), and Professor Emeritus at the Un louis vuitton outlet iversity of Western Sydney

22nd November 2011 (12 1pm room 101, 3EP) Funding meeting opportunity to discuss potential projects for funding opportunities both internal and external.

28th November 2011 (2 3pm) Education for Sustainability in Australian Universities, Professor Geoff Scott, Executive Director Sustainability Professor of Higher Education, University of Western Sydney

18th January 2012 (12.30 2pm) Nick Pratt “learning as participation in the development and enactment of professional knowledge”

8th February 2012 (12.30 2pm) Graham Russell “student social anxiety and learning”

28th March 2012 (12.30 2pm) Joanna Haynes “teaching and researching dangerous and troublesome knowledge

15th 16th April 2013 British Conference for Undergraduate Researchers (BCUR)

26th 27th April 2013 ALDinHE Conference

1st October 2013 Lucy Spowart “TDF guidance workshop”

10th October Sally Brown (external speaker) “rethinking your curriculum: planning and delivering short fat modules workshop”

10th October Phil Race (external speaker) “designing good assessment questions workshop”

10th October Sally Brown (external speaker) “making a good start: designing a module for the first four weeks to be an immersive experience”

10th October Phil Race (external speaker) “involving students in their own assessments workshop”

11th October Sally Brown (external speaker) “running effective two hour learning experiences: integrating activities with lecture material to support deeper learn louis vuitton outlet ing workshop”

11th October Phil Race (external speaker) “being an associate lecturer in Ply louis vuitton outlet mouth: thinking around teaching and learning issues workshop”

17th October Sam Aspinall (external speaker) “PedRIO staff support session: writing case studies”

18th October Sam Aspinall (external speaker) “Adapting your curriculum to encourage students to learn through research workshop”

22nd October Sharon Gedye “Productuve personal tutoring workshop”

22nd October Rob Hales (external speaker) and Helen Lawson “Visual materieals in teaching and learning CSF innovation pedagogy cafe series”

23rd October MLT (Masters Level Teaching) seminar series

23rd October Jennie Winter and Priska Schoenborn “PBL/Active Learning workshop”

24th October Lucy Spowart / Alice Lau “TDF guidance workshop”

24th October Jane Collings / Alice Lau “Assessments for Learning workshop”

25th October Professor Cees van der Vleuten “Assessment research and development: a personal odyssey seminar (CAMERA)”